Stronger Relationships

If you had a dollar for every time your students talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly of their relationships, you’d probably be a millionaire by now. Relationships are at the forefront of students’ minds all the time. Conflict with parents, drama with friends, and ever-changing romantic interests are always a topic of conversation. This shouldn’t be a surprise, because relationships - both with people and God - are a core element of who we are as people. God made us as relational beings. If relationships are so important to who we are as a people, God must’ve said something about relationships in the Bible, right? Right. He said a lot. It’s not shocking to learn that God has a lot to say in His Word about our interactions with others and with Himself. It all starts and stems from God. The opening of this study looks at our relationship with Him, because the health of our relationship with God is a determining factor for every other relationship we have in our lives. Mending broken relationships with others is a strong theme in Jesus' teachings. Much like opening a wound that needs healing, this study may cause group members to see the need to revisit past pain that only God can heal as they surrender this to Him.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Relationships with God

What position does someone hold who receives God and believes in His name? What makes me believe that I can hold this position and have this relationship with God?

Relationships with Parents

What does it mean to "honor" my parents and how does this honor God? Why am I never too old to stop obeying my parents?

Relationships with Friends

How can I evaluate the value of the friendships I have? How am I a good friend?

Relationships with Family

In what ways has my family's faith affected me? How can I create a stronger family legacy that goes beyond my lifetime?

Relationships with Future Spouse

What did Christ give up for the Church? What does/will this mean for me in my relationships?

Relationships with Strangers

Why would God's Law tell His people to protect foreigners, even after the way they were mistreated as foreigners? How do I treat those who are different than me?

Stronger Relationships will be available January 2021.