Spiritual Disciplines

Everyone knows the benefits of physical exercise, but what about exercise for your soul? That’s what this guide is all about! Throughout Scripture, we learn there are ways to practice what have been called the ‘disciplines’ of faith: spiritual exercises to train us in the ways of godliness & holiness. Just like physical exercise helps us grow stronger, soul exercises help us grow stronger in our faith. Each week you’ll learn about a different ‘soul exercise’. Some you may have heard of before, and some may be new. Keep in mind, practicing these disciplines doesn’t make God love you more, but chances are they will make you love God more.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


What is prayer, and how can I use Jesus's example of prayer to help me at all times?


Why is confessing my sins to others important, and how can I start doing this regularly?

Scripture Reading

Why is reading the Bible important, and how does it really grow my faith?


What does the Bible say about serving, and how can I learn to consider others every day?


How does honoring others by keeping my word and being humble in generosity help me grow in my faith?


How does denying my body through fasting make my spirit stronger?

Ready to start Soul Exercises?