Pure Love

What isn’t affected by love and sexuality? Very little. This study helps shed some light on God’s important principles that we absolutely need to understand. You’ll begin by studying your spiritual and sexual DNA as image-bearers of God. You’ll also learn about guidelines for living pure lives in an impure world. You may be shocked to see what God has to say in His Word about love and sex!

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Sexual Identity

Why is it important for me to know my identity as a male or female made in the image of God?

Sexual Purity

According to Scripture, how can I make Jesus the Lord of my body when it comes to how I behave sexually?

Mental Purity

How does everything I do flow from my heart? What does that tell me about the connection between my heart and actions?

Relational Purity

How can I encourage purity in my relationships with the opposite sex? Where might I be involved in impurity that needs to end?


What does the Bible say about homosexual behavior, and how is the penalty different from the Old to New Testament? What does that mean for us today?

Love Identity

What makes love greater than hope and faith? When it comes to how I show God's love through my life to others, where am I lacking?


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