The Prophets

There are times when God is looking for a voice to call people’s attention to Himself. Many books of the Bible were written by (or) about such people, the prophets, who offered their voices to draw attention to the LORD. The power of their words was often the confrontational truth that clashed with the beliefs of the world. Through their experience, find yourself looking for God’s message of truth in your world today.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


How does God use Micah to communicate His anger toward His people? What can I learn from it?


What do we learn in Amos about God's reaction to injustice but also His heart for the oppressed?


What can I learn about both God’s judgment and His love in the book of Joel?


Throughout the book of Hosea, we see his faithfulness to his wife even when it was difficult. What can we learn about God's faithfulness in this story?


Why does God’s judgment seem so severe against the people of Nineveh? What warnings should I heed for my own life because of this?


What are Habakkuk's complaints against God, and where do I see bad things happening in my life right now that I can go to God about?

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