The Power of Prayer

There are some things in life that are just difficult to understand: Why are there letters in math? Why can’t we make a chocolate with zero calories that’s good for us? We want to understand or “solve” these questions, and many of us have tried, but at the end of the day they continue to remain a mystery. That’s how a lot of us feel when it comes to prayer. When we hear the word “prayer”, many different ideas and emotions come to our minds. Some people are confused. Others are excited. Some are mad. Some are scared. Regardless of where we fall on the wide spectrum, we can all agree that in many ways, prayer is a mystery. But God doesn’t want us to be left in the dark, because prayer is the most powerful form of communication we have with Him! All throughout the Bible, people and communities are changed, moved, and healed because of prayer. Prayer is vital to the life of the church and every believer.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

How to Pray to God

Based on the different ways we see Jesus interact with the Father, what are some things I can learn about how to pray to God in my own life?

How to Pray for Others

How can I become someone whose prayers aren't ever stopped for others? What keeps me praying for others?

How to Learn From the Prayers of Others – Pt. 1

What can we learn from the prayers of people like Hannah, David, Jonah, and Solomon?

How to Learn From the Prayers of Others – Pt. 2

What can we learn from the prayers of Paul?

How to Pray the Promises of God

As I pray the promises of God, which promises can I more fully pray with confidence?

How to Pray the Power of God

What can we learn about our authority in prayer based on the prayers of Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezra?


The Power of Prayer will be available June 2021.