The Life of David

He is described in the words of Scripture like no one else, a person "after God's own heart," and there is more written about him than almost anyone else in the Bible. David's story rivals any movie ever written, rising from humble beginnings to become the most powerful man of his time – and yet much of his story chronicles not only his victories but also his defeats. In the life of David, there is much to learn about what God sees as truly important and how you should live as a result.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


In what ways did God prepare David for great things, and how is He preparing me for great things?


The relationships in David’s life pointed him to greatness. Who do I surround myself with that help me be better?


It took several years for God to fulfill His promise to David about becoming king. What makes me impatient in waiting upon God's timing for me?


What can I learn about leading well (and leading not-so-well) through the rises and falls of David’s leadership?


Where did David go wrong, and what small choices are causing me to be tempted to take the wrong path toward sin?


How did David come to realize his sin, and what was his process for repentance? How does this teach me about sin and repentance today?



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