The Life of David

David is described like no one else in Scripture, “a man after God’s own heart.” Not only is he described so strongly, but there is also more written about Him than almost anyone else in the Bible. David rose from humble beginnings to become the most powerful man of his time. However, David’s life is not a perfect example to follow: He had victories, but he also had his fair share of defeat. He made some pretty big mistakes, some that cost others their lives. David’s life might not have been flawless, but there is so much to learn from him. In the next six weeks, you’ll be taken on the “roller coaster” that is David’s life. As a young man, David was chosen by God to be the future King and leader of His people Israel. God was clearly preparing David for future greatness. His role as a shepherd prepares him for his battle with Goliath; and that victory prepares him for future leadership. Little did David know how God was working ahead on his behalf to prepare him for the person He wanted him to become. Unfortunately, David's life doesn't always give us a good picture of what obedience to God looks like. Although God clearly prepared him for greatness, there are times when David's choices were wrong. These choices hurt not just himself, but his family and the people he led. The one thing that stood out in David was his continued return to a heart of humility before God. Perhaps the greatest lesson your group can learn together is this: David’s humility was what kept him close to the heart of God.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.


In what ways did God prepare David for great things, and how is He preparing me for great things?


The relationships in David’s life pointed him to greatness. Who do I surround myself with that help me be better?


It took several years for God to fulfill His promise to David about becoming king. What makes me impatient in waiting upon God's timing for me?


What can I learn about leading well (and leading not-so-well) through the rises and falls of David’s leadership?


Where did David go wrong, and what small choices are causing me to be tempted to take the wrong path toward sin?


How did David come to realize his sin, and what was his process for repentance? How does this teach me about sin and repentance today?



The Life of David will be available June 2021.