The Book of John

In the next 6 weeks, you won't just learn what Jesus did, but why he did it, what he was thinking, and how he changed the world. John 1 describes Jesus as the "Word", God who took on the form of humanity and took off the load of sin for every person. Notice the powerful moments in John when people recognized God in the world. And see the painful moments when those who should have known Jesus as the Son of God totally missed it.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

The Source of the Light

John writes referring to Jesus that the “Word” was not only with God, but WAS God. Why is this wording a significant difference when thinking about who Jesus was?

Changing Because of the Light

What do I think it means to "walk in darkness"? If I had to choose, would I describe my daily life as being in darkness or light? Why?

Pointing to the Light

When I point others to Christ, He does the rest. What should I be doing in my life differently so I can direct more people's attention on Christ?

Missing the Light

Why wouldn’t the world recognize Jesus? What keeps me from recognizing & welcoming Jesus?

Receiving the Light

What happens to someone when they receive God in their life? When have I made this decision in my life? If I haven't, why?

Sharing the Light

In Scripture, John talked to others about who Jesus was. When is the last time I've talked to someone about who Jesus was and is?


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