The Covenants

Let’s talk about blood. You have it, I have it, we all have it. It’s what keeps us alive, flows through our veins, and grosses us out when we see too much of it at one time. Blood plays a major role in the functioning of our bodies, but it also plays a major role in the story of God’s rescue of humanity. Over the next six weeks, you’ll look at the importance of blood in the relationship between God and humanity, and three concepts surrounding it in both the Old and New Testaments: the shedding of innocent blood, the Day of Atonement, and the Passover. While innocent bloodshed is not often talked about today in church, God has a lot to say on the subject. His heart is clearly and strongly moved when innocent life is lost. This is manifested in Scripture through the taking of the life of the young, the old, and the unborn. You’ll also learn about what is known in the New Testament as the Day of Atonement. This was the observation that God would make right all the sins of the people. Personal and public instructions are given in the Old Testament to model fasting and repentance from sin. New Testament references reveal how Jesus is the fulfillment of removing the penalty of our sin through the blood of Jesus.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Innocent Bloodshed – OT

What is the connection between God’s blessing, curse, and the bloodshed of innocent people?

Innocent Bloodshed – NT

How does the bloodshed of Jesus affect my life? How am I called to live differently as a result?

The Day of Atonement – OT

Atonement means making something right because of a wrong. In the OT, were there circumstances where atonement could not be made? What was the significance of this?

The Day of Atonement – NT

What factors caused Elijah to turn from fearless to fearful? Where do I see these factors taking control in my life and causing me to be fearful?

Passover – OT

What was the significance of the Passover in the Old Testament, and how did it affect those who observed it?

Passover – NT

Jesus celebrated the centuries-old tradition of the Passover meal with his disciples. How did he honor tradition and also bring new meaning by what He did?


The Covenants will be available January 2021.