A Life of Courage

Samuel, Joshua, Esther, Mary, John and Stephen all faced impossible challenges in their lives, yet were able to overcome them because of their faith. In this guide, you will spend a week with each of these people and take a closer look at how God helped them. They weren't perfect, but they faced life with trust in God that was greater than their circumstances. Samuel spoke for God, Joshua led for God, Esther was chosen for God, Mary sacrificed for God, John the Baptist prepared for God and Stephen was martyred for God. Take courage in their stories: Whatever seemingly impossible situation you might face, God is greater! Just as God had a purpose for them, He has one for you.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Samuel: Speaking for God

Samuel's dedication to God caused him to have favor with God and others. How are dedication to God and favor with others connected?

Joshua: Leading for God

What can I learn from Joshua's characteristics and qualities that caused him to be chosen as a leader for God?

Esther: Chosen by God

Esther was taken from her home to live with strangers; but she still won favor from those over her. How can I make a better impression with those who are over me?

Mary: Sacrificed for God

Mary might have been scared, but she was clear that this was a calling by God. What in my life makes me scared but I know is a calling by God?

John the Baptist: Prepared for God

John the Baptist knew the purpose for his life. How can I better know the purpose for my life?

Stephen: Martyred for God

Even after doing miracles, people were against Stephen. What does this say about expecting opposition when God is doing great things throughout my life?

A Life of Courage will be available in June 2021.