The Book of Acts

Take a trip in time to when Jesus leaves the earth and his followers begin building His Church throughout the world. Discover that God does miracles through people similar to what happened when Jesus lived on earth as a man. Acts is 28 chapters long, and many have said Christ followers today are living out Acts 29. God is still working through His people. Find yourself in the continuing story of how God is changing the world through the obedience of those that follow Him.

Inside The Guide

Each guide is broken up into six weeks. Below is a small insight into each week.

Beginnings of Faith

How does the start of the early Church impact me and my faith today?

Opposition to Faith

What did opposition to faith look like in the early Church, and how did Christians respond? What does opposition to faith look like in my own life?

Growing in Faith

The church grew because of the healthy way the apostles responded to conflict. How can I learn to better respond to conflict?

Peter, Leading by Faith

What can I learn about living a life of bold faith from the life of Peter?

Saul, Changed by Faith

Saul's life was drastically changed by Jesus (He even changed his name!). What are ways my life has been or could be drastically changed by Jesus?

Supernatural Faith

God's power is evident throughout the Book of Acts. Where is God's power evident in my own life?

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