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Soul Exercises exists to make Bible-reading possible for every student in your ministry - from the student who was practically born in the church to the student who hasn’t yet encountered Jesus. Soul Exercises will help your students understand the Bible in a new way, and your ministry will grow in spiritual understanding and impact as a result!

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What is Soul Exercises?

How It Works

Choose Your Guides

Begin by purchasing guides for every student & leader in your ministry.

Lead Your Group

Students will complete their soul exercises and discuss in their small groups.

Grow Your Ministry

At the end of 6 weeks, choose a new guide, invite more people, & start again!

Soul Exercises For Your Group

Soul Exercises can be customized to fit your unique context. Let us help you get started!

Soul Exercises is available in printed 6-week guides. Each one focuses on a theme, person, or story in the Bible. Order enough guides for your group to get started!

What Are Students Saying About the Bible?

*Based on research conducted by Never the Same with over 10,000 middle and high school students


Say the Bible is important to them


Never read the Bible


Read the Bible 4+ times a week


Don’t know where to start

How To Use Soul Exercises

Complete System

Each guide comes with free resources (sermon outlines, leader videos, slides, etc.) to help you build a complete system for your ministry.

Leadership Tool

Use Soul Exercises as a discipleship and training tool for your student and adult leadership teams to go through together.

Small Group Plan

Use Soul Exercises with your weekly small groups to help every single student in your group engage in the Bible.

"Soul Exercises is not curriculum, it is a vehicle that you can engage your students, adult leaders, and parents in the habits of spiritual disciplines. Our high school students started engaging in student-led small groups this past January and because of the logistics of Soul Exercises, were able to keep meeting during the COVID pandemic with low disruptions. This is the ultimate plan to disciple disciples."
- Steve Anderson, Keystone Community Church

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