Three Cs of Student Bible Engagement


Spiritual growth is not one-size-fits-all. Soul Exercises was designed to offer multiple layers of commitment (101-501), allowing participants to customize their plan and engage no matter their spiritual maturity.


Research and experience show that engagement with others reinforces the long term probability toward success. Soul Exercises surrounds students with others students on the same journey, as well as their small group leaders.


Often Bible engagement and spiritual disciplines are abandoned because of inconsistency, making it difficult to get back on track. Soul Exercises is designed to provide an opportunity to reset and has been proven to help form habits that build strength and long-term community over time.

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Soul Exercises helps students develop Bible reading habits that last.

Soul Exercises equips churches to engage students in God’s Word and spiritual disciplines.

Get started

How It Works

1. Register Your Group
Tell us about you, your group, and select the best pricing model for your ministry. You will pick an easy-to-communicate group code that your students will use when they sign in to the app (it can be your church or youth group name - think of it like a #hashtag).
2. Download the App/Order Books
Head to the App Store immediately afterwards to download the Soul Exercises App (currently available on iOS devices). Don’t have an iOS device or prefer printed materials? Add Soul Exercises Volumes to your order and get printed materials sent to you before your group begins!
3. Engage Your Group
Get started as quickly as you want. Guides are available in the app for students and leaders to engage with on a weekly basis. New resources are always being added and we’re all ears to hear how we can better help your groups succeed with Bible engagement!

How does Soul Exercises work?

Soul Exercises equips churches to engage students in God’s Word and spiritual disciplines. Individual commitment from students (reading on their own throughout the week) combined with weekly community (group discussion in small groups) provides a consistent system that helps students grow.

How do we start Soul Exercises?

1. Sign up at

2. Download the app on the App Store, or order printed guides.

3. Engage with your group!

What is this 101-501 stuff I see on the app?

Soul Exercises is designed so students choose their own level of engagement. There are five training plans (101-501) that require varying levels of commitment. Students decide which plan they’d like to complete at the beginning of a guide. Regardless of what they choose, every student is in the Bible, and has something to contribute to group discussions.

How much does Soul Exercises cost?

Churches can subscribe monthly to the Soul Exercises app. Monthly cost depends on the size of the group. Printed guides – or volumes - are also available, $21 each or $10.50 for subscribing churches (one volume = one year of content).

How do I access guides?

Soul Exercises is currently available in digital and printed versions.

Digital: Soul Exercises app in the iOS app store. It is free to download but requires a group code to access content, provided with a monthly subscription through subscribing churches

Printed: Students and leaders who do not have iOS devices or desire a printed version can order Soul Exercises printed volumes. There are four Soul Exercises volumes (seven guides per volume), available at a discounted price for app-subscribing churches.

Is this only meant for small groups?

Soul Exercises is a versatile tool that can be used in large and small groups. Each guide is six weeks long, and each week centers on one component of the larger theme. This means the large group teaching can be centered on the weekly theme, which sets up students well for small group and reemphasizes what they read all week.

Ministries can also use Soul Exercises in a smaller, discipleship-focused environment, without a large group teaching (i.e. Sunday School). To find out how Soul Exercises can fit uniquely in your ministry, send us a message and we’ll help you!

What if students don’t have phones?

We thought you might ask that. Soul Exercises is available in 4 print volumes on our website. There are seven guides in each volume (= 1 year of content). Anyone can purchase a printed volume on our site, but churches who are also subscribed to the app get a special deal!

Does Soul Exercises need a large group message to accompany it each week?

No, but it doesn’t hurt! The “perfect storm” of Soul Exercises is to give students exposure to a particular story, theme, or character in the Bible each week in 3 different areas: personal time in the Word, large group teaching, and small group discussion. Reading about it at home, hearing about it from the stage, and talking about it in their small groups really gives students a holistic understanding of the subject. However, discussion and personal time are also ultra-effective, and it comes down to what is best for your group.

Can Soul Exercises be paired with another curriculum or should it stand on its own?

Soul Exercises is designed to stand on its own as a complete discipleship resource for your youth ministry. However, there are many groups who have signed up and paid for other materials or curriculums and desire to start Soul Exercises. If you’re one of those groups, we say go for it! We have helped many churches adapt Soul Exercises to work with their current situation. In fact, no Soul Exercises journey is quite the same. Want to find out how it fits for you? We’d love to meet you!